Platelet-rich plasma, a.k.a. PRP, is a successful technique to arrest hairfall and stimulate hair re-growth in areas where the roots are intact.



Platelets are a component of blood, along with red and white blood cells. When a person sustains a cut or wound, the platelets are some of the body’s “first responders” that arrive to stop the bleeding and promote healing.

To produce PRP, doctor will take a blood sample and put it into a machine called a centrifuge. This machine spins at a rapid rate, which separates the components of the blood. The doctor then extracts the platelets for injection.

PRP contains a range of growth factors and proteins that speed tissue repair and help regrow hair by reversing the process that occurs in androgenetic alopecia.  Thus, PRP has become a popular method of restoring hair growth.


PRP is an effective treatment for conditions that cause hair loss. The patient would need to receive multiple PRP treatments over time to maintain hair growth results. This procedure is recommended along with other topical agents like minoxidil and hair serums for optimum results.

The doctor’s recommendations for how often a person should have PRP will vary depending on a person’s condition and the results of their initial treatment.  We, at Joshys Medical Center, will make sure to give you genuine advice and give you realistic expectations regarding how much regrowth is possible.


Anyone experiencing hair loss is essentially a good candidate for PRP treatments, but those with early hair loss tend to respond best.


For best results, consistency is key. Treatments are typically performed once a month for the first four to six months, and then every alternate month thereafter, depending on the individual patient’s response and results. Results can generally be seen after 2 to 3 months of treatment.

The first result that patients usually note is decreased hair shedding, followed by early regrowth and increased length of hair.  It’s vital to keep in mind that PRP can, and should, be a part of a multifaceted program to treat hair thinning and loss.